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Digital Construction Academy [RTO #31840] is a privately owned, Fee For Service institution.  

We DO NOT currently provide VET FEE HELP arrangements for any courses, and receive no funding or subsidies from the government or any public agency.  This is largely a matter of choice on our part.  

Pay Nothing Now sounds ideal using FEE HELP   –   but why take on a debt in the region of $25000 – $30000 for a typical Diploma?  A typical Diploma qualification with Digital Construction Academy is usually in the region of $10000 – $12000, and the cost of the programme is spread over the duration of the course, based on Semester by Semester invoicing arrangements   –   Pay As You Go   –   Just Pay for the units under study in each semester group at any given time.    Make an Enquiry and talk to us about our payment plans today.

Full Fees for an entire qualification are NOT REQUIRED up front in advance, though you may ask for invoicing in this manner   –   some students do so for tax, or other reasons.     

Refer to the course page for the current fee rates applicable to the qualification.   These are based on the simple basis of only paying for the units undertaken in each semester, at the outset of each semester period.   You should refer to the relevant course page of your interest where you will find full information on the actual semester arrangements and related fee rates for each course.                                                         

Subject to completion of each semester period, the next invoice is generated for the next group of units and so forth throughout the programme.  

Most students generally enrol based on the semester arrangements provided, but there are occasions where additional flexibility is required.   

Qualification for the Fee For Service rates is based on Australian Citizenship or Permanent Residency.   International students are welcome, but should contact us directly for an individual quote.

What The Fees Cover

Your Fees cover all learning, teaching and assessment, including all your resource material, assessment papers and examinations, full marking and grading, moderation and verification.   They also cover the full ‘electronic’ cost of your access to, and tuition in, our Learning Management System [LMS] and all academic support, including regular communication and live webinar class lectures and progress reviews with your tutors.

There is NO additional fee for software, as all software [especially the expensive CAD stuff] is provided by linking you to educational licenses for all your academic needs.   There are also NO additional resource costs in any other areas.   Staff may encourage you to buy a book, for example, but these encouragements are not mandatory, only helpful.  

You may need to personally purchase a headset/mic to participate in webinar classes if you do not already have one [easily obtainable from Harvey Norman / Officeworks etc from $20.00].

The only additional Fee Charge is the initial Administration/Enrolment fee, charged with your first semester engagement, and is a one time only flat fee to set up your administrative records, currently $250.00 for 2018 onwards. 

Can I have my prior learning recognised?

Of course you can.   If you present with evidence of prior learning, knowledge and skills, these can be taken into consideration for RPL.   There are a variety of RPL options.   RPL is available across all course choices.

RPL can be used as an Assessment process to verify the evidence you present, and may be used for all, or part of a course.   See the RPL Page for further information.   Fees for RPL are reduced to 60% of the normal Unit Competency value, saving substantial elements from your overall course cost, and potentially speeding the process to achievement.   Not always straightforward, and every application is unique.

There are also other, alternative methods used, which are similar to RPL, which might also allow for an element of ‘fast-tracking’ in individual applications.   You should Make an Enquiry to discuss any of these options with the academic team.




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