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  • I confirm this application has been completed by me personally, and the accuracy of the information provided is true and without bias, correct and complete.
  • I understand that the evidence I provide with my application will need to be verified at enrolment if I am made an offer, and that Digital Construction Academy may require additional information to verify my application.
  • I authorise Digital Construction Academy to release details of my academic records as requested by other academic institutions to assist and corroborate in the processing of applications I may make to such institutions.
  • I consent to Digital Construction Academy obtaining personal information necessary to complete or verify my application, and that Digital Construction Academy will not accept responsibility for incorrectly completed data or information.
  • I understand that Digital Construction Academy may disclose the personal information I have given in this enrolment to the Department of Education & Training, or other government agency as required by law, and will collect and store my personal  information for such purposes.
  • Digital Construction Academy will not otherwise disclose the information without my consent unless required or authorised by law or to reduce the threat to the life or safety of any person, as outlined in the Digital Construction Academy Privacy Policy.
  • I understand that this application is subject to review by Digital Construction Academy and does not guarantee a place in any course.