About E-Learning

There are some significant advantages to studying online, as well as a few disadvantages, and one or two myths.  

Firstly, the myth that it is possible to study what you like, when you like really ought to be addressed first and foremost. It is true that within a particular learning experience, it is possible for individual learners to allocate their time as they need to around other commitments, but proper and responsible academic sequencing, deadlines and scheduling requirements must be your driving focus.

It is therefore reasonable for learners to expect to follow a given timetable or schedule structure, and therefore follow an academic calendar. Given the online nature of courses, most institutions offering online qualifications do not necessarily have to follow strict ‘traditional’ calendars and don’t usually need to take several weeks or months off, and are equally not limited to one, or two academic entry points in a given year.

At Digital Construction Academy, you can:

  • commence a course or qualification almost immediately  –  we start new students usually every month
  • study towards as few units at a time as your currently commitments allow
  • by negotiation and demonstration, take on additional units/subjects as your commitments allow
  • only pay for those units undertaken in one period where you are self funding your qualification

The obvious benefits of studying online include:

  • structuring your ‘class’ work around personal, social, family and professional commitments
  • zero travel costs
  • flexibility on focusing on the best of the varied learning materials and methods which suit you – not having to stick to an adhered single method
  • being able to study wherever you have access to a computer and the Internet – at home, at work, the library, the airport lounge!!
  • structure a pace of learning which suits you best
  • structure a schedule of learning which suits you best – evenings, weekends, accommodating shift work patterns …
  • ability to join discussions on forums and bulletin boards at any hour, or visit with classmates and instructors remotely in forums or other provided social media
  • the development of computer/IT and Internet skills become transferable to other facets of life and work
  • success builds self-knowledge, self-belief and self-confidence and encourages you to take responsibility for your own learning

21st century skills in CAD technology by distance learning, leading to nationally recognised qualifications. Study online at your own pace with a nationally recognised trainer.

E-Learning won’t suit every individual, some learner types need different approaches not possible by online methods, so it best to be advised of the few potential disadvantages of e-Learning.

  • a lack of a ‘familiar’ academic structure and routine might be difficult for some to become accustomed to
  • those learners with poor study habits can easily fall behind – it is therefore important to initiate a good structure to your own learning patterns
  • more difficult to establish peer relationships online with fellow classmates so some social isolation may occur, though social media interaction addresses some of these issues
  • your instructor or tutor may not always be available immediately on demand
  • working with an online learning delivery system may take a little getting used and involve a learning curve all of its own!

For more information and to answer other questions, please visit the FAQ page.